My Hp Printer says Offline from the last few days .
My Hp Printer was working few days ago But I just changed my wireless password and since that time my printer says offline .
I Tried my best but no luck .
When we have changed the wireless password , our printer got disconnected from the network and it will not print .
We have to reinstall the printer again from the very beginning .
If You have the disk for the printer , insert the disk and follow the instructions .
Install the driver software and if you do not have the disk for the printer . Download the latest driver software online and install it .
While installing the software , the software will prompt to make the printer online either by using the control panel on the printer or using the printer usb cable .
Once the printer is on the network , the software will detect the printer and will get the printer install and now you printer is good to go .
If you are using the printer with the USB cable and still it is saying offline .
Please disconnect the USB cable first and then reconnect .
Make sure when you reconnect the USB cable .
There should be a click sound from the computer , that will confirm the proper connections .
If you are not getting the click sound .
It means the USB cable is not being recognized .
The USB cable is faulty . Get a new USB cable .
If you have another USB cable try connecting it .
If It gives the click sound It means USB cable is being recognized .
Just add the printer again by clicking on the plus sign on the system preferences page .
And the printer will added again . You are good to go now
If you still have any issue call us On Toll Free no. 1-877 870 0420