My printer goes Offline , I am using my printer on wireless , I Just changed my Internet Service Provider and now my Printer says Offline . Its being 2 days , I am not able to printer . I tried almost everything I can Try .
How to Fix my offline printer :
1 . Restart your printer once .
2. If you have the disk for the printer .
3. Reinstall the driver software again
4. Setup the printer on wireless again
5 If you have the USB cable , you can run the wireless setup via usb cable
6. It is one of the easiest way to make the printer online
7. If you don not have the usb cable , you need to setup the wireless printer on wireless network I again .
8. You Need to run the wireless setup wizard on the printer again
9. Your printer will search for the new wireless network and then put the new wireless password .
10. Install the printer and you are good to go .
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