Paper Jam in HP ( Hewlett Packard) printer is one of the most common issues that the people are facing. Most of the time it is an easy fix. But sometimes it becomes complicated.

When the HP printer shows the paper jam error, it is not necessarily the paper which got stuck, it could be anything like pin, broken particles, or any other foreign object

When you come across the paper jam issue, you can neither make a print from the computer nor copy a document. Normally you may get the flashing Red light on the printer or you may get an error message on the printer control panel.


Most of the time simply resetting the printer will resolve the HP Printer Jam Issues.


Some Common Printer Jam Issues Which Come Across

If we physically see the Jam paper: – We may check if the paper is loaded correctly on the Input tray Check the compatibility of the paper (Size or texture ). Similarly, we have to check it on the output tray. You may also need to check the feeder. In such cases, we need to remove the paper physically.

Power Flee Your HP Printer

If the problem still persists, you may need to turn the printer Off, Remove the power cable and check if any small piece of paper or an object stuck inside the printer. You may also use a flashlight to get a clear look.  And then turn the printer back ON

You may also need to check the roller, carriage, rear access door and inside the cartridges area

If the printer still not working you may call a professional technical support representative. They can help you with these issues remotely.


Genuine Technical Support Phone Numbers In USA

Useful Numbers & Links

Epson Printer Support Phone Number +18778700420

HP Printer Support USA                        +18083699769

Canon Printer Offline Support                +18778700420

Affordable Technical Support USA         +18083699769

May I Helps Printer Support