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Garmin is an American multinational company that is headquartered in Olathe, Kansas. Founded by Gary Burrell and Min Kao in 1989, the company provides GPS technology for aviation, automotive, outdoor, marine and sports activities. The company has also ventured into wearable technology and is competing with the leading smart devices manufacturers like Apple and Fitbit.

Garmin Products

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There are a number of products that are provided by Garmin. Garmin customer support will ensure that a user gets the required support for every product. Below we are going to discuss a few of them.


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There are a number of software packages produced by Garmin along with integrated software. Initial the software was capable of running only on Microsoft Windows OS till 2006. After that, all the Garmin software was released for Mac OS X as well.

Marine GPS

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The first Garmin marine product developed by Garmin was GPS 100. It was a panel-mounted GPS receiver that was specifically aimed at the marine market. The product became quite popular. A user can contact on the Garmin technical support marine for all the official support.

Handheld GPS

Just like the ‘Marine GPS’, another product that gained a lot of popularity was the Handheld GPS devices. There were a series of GPS devices which were launched by Garmin in the early 2000s.


eTrex was released first in 2000 and there have been several models including different features that have been launched. The original eTrex known by the name of eTrex Yellow offered a waterproof, lightweight, hikers, There are two AA-size batteries and are capable of giving up to 22 hours. The eTrex Yellow was replaced by replaced by the eTrex H in 2007 which came with the inclusion of a high-sensitivity receiver. Some of the other advanced eTrex models are Venture, Summit, Legend, and Vista that feature additional functionalities like WAAS, digital compass, altimeter, city database and highway maps. Most of the models are available in expandable memory versions and color.

In May 2011, the eTrex product line was refreshed by Garmin. The design had improved mechanical design and came with support for hardware technology and cartography. These products were eTrex 10, eTrex 20, eTrex 30. Garmin became the first ever company to proudly manufacture and distribute world renowned navigation products that came with support for GLONASS satellite constellations and GPS. In succession to the eTrex 20 and the eTrex 30, Garmin came forward with the eTrex 20x and 30x. The main highlight of the upgrade was a higher resolution screen and a double storage of 4GB.

On July 2, 2015, the eTrex Touch line was introduced by Garmin. The three models which were released featured a 2.6″ touchscreen.

Automotive GPS

Garmin GPS Devices Support | May I Help You

Garmin has released a series of Automotive GPS devices by the name of StreetPilot. Later on, the advanced versions of the StreetPilot included the c-series which had large color touch-screens, provide support for information and weather updates, FM traffic notifications and Bluetooth support. You can avail all these services for your Garmin GPS device from any Garmin technical support provider near you.

Car Products

The StreetPilot product by Garmin was launched at the CES 1998. The functionalities of the product included a database of nearby services and attractions along with the facility of on-screen routing. A revised model featuring a 240×128 color screen was introduced by the name of StreetPilot ColorMap. The devices made use of 8MB or 16MB cartridges on which the mapping data was loaded from the computer of a user.

The next model was released by the name of StreetPilot III in 2002, which featured a 3.85″ 305×160 color screen and included voice prompts. The model came in 32 MB and a 128 MB memory option that was capable of storing the user loaded maps and had a base map that included major highways.

Mobile Applications and Laptop GPS

In April 2008, Garmin released Garmin Mobile PC which was a GPS navigation software program for computers and laptop PCs. It was based on the Microsoft Windows OS. However, it has been now discontinued. Garmin offers mobile applications for different mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. On July 25, 2011, the Garmin StreetPilot Onboard N. America Version 1.0 was released for iOS 4.0 and later. The iOS app comes with In-app purchases and offers extra functionalities like Fuel Prices and Traffic. The map coverage includes most of North America.

Personal Training Devices

A few of the suite of GPS-enabled Garmin devices like certain models of Garmin Forerunner and the Garmin Edge. These devices are quite useful while running or cycling. All users who need any assistance can contact on the Garmin tech support phone number whenever they feel the need to.


Avionics are the different electronic systems that are used on artificial satellites, aircraft, and spacecraft. There are quite a few devices that are offered by Garmin including integrated cockpits, multi-function displays (MFD), panel mount displays, radar, and transponders. Garmin made its way into the market in 1991 by coming up with the GPS-100 AVD panel-mounted receiver. The GPS-95 was the first portable unit that was introduced in 1993. After that, the GPS-155 was released. It was the first GPS receiver on the market to get a full FAA certification for instrument approaches. Garmin came forward with the GNS-430 in 1998 which was an integrated GPS navigation communications/receiver transceiver. As of November 2017, Garmin touched the one-millionth deliver mark.

Garmin Wristwear

In the wrist wear category, Garmin came up with the Garmin Vivofit 3 that measures the duration and the sleep quality, records heart rate, the number of stairs climbed and counts the steps of a wearer. The Garmin Vivomove, a traditionally-styled watch included activity tracking capabilities. The watch has a built-in accelerometer, auto-goal, step counter, move bar and sleep monitoring features. The Vivosmart HR produced by Garmin comes with a touchscreen that features a heart rate monitor, smart notifications, media player controls, and phone finder features. Another product from Garmin is that Forerunner 735 XT that includes multi-sport tracking capabilities, a variety of special profiles for jogging, cycling, swimming, skiing, different weight loss activities, paddle sports, and hiking. You will be able to find a built-in GPS for tracking the location and calculating the distance. A multisport GPS smartwatch Fenix 5 was announced by Garmin on January 4, 2017, that included some advanced features.

Garmin Maps

Many of the current Garmin devices showcase its current location on the map that is vector-based. This is present in the built-in memory or loaded from the additional flash media. The built-in displays all the country borders and main cities. There is a wide range of Garmin maps which are available for purchase topographic maps, detailed road maps and nautical maps. The non-commercial maps are available and are displayed on many of the Garmin GPS devices. The maps which are used by the Garmin products are delivered by Navteq. All the map errors are reported by making use of Garmin’s report a map error page or through the Navteq map reporter.

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Setting Up Your Garmin Devices

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Support for Software

As numerous software packages are produced by Garmin, there is a possibility that a user would need assistance. We will ensure that the software package runs efficiently on both your Windows as well as Mac OS. All the experts at MAYIHELPYOU.US are capable of providing the best possible support services to all customers. They will resolve any of the complicated software issues that a customer faces.

Specific Help for Different Devices

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Updating Your Garmin Devices

It is quite essential to keep your Garmin device up to date in order to include all the latest functionalities. Also, updating the devices will ensure that any sort of malfunctioning of the devices is avoided. We at MAY I HELP YOU will assist you during the entire process of updating your Garmin device.


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